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Ahhh Memorial Weekend Memories…

yo… Memorial Day weekend in Miami was crazy… sorry for the late post but I just landed.  i’m gonna fill you guys in on all the details later but for now  here’s some behind the scenes footage of how it went down.

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7 Responses to “Ahhh Memorial Weekend Memories…”

  1. yo jeezy seems like a cool dude, did u see how he tried to help khaled up? haha. song is fly as fuck. did u speed it up much o nthat? kanye’s part sounded a little higher than usual… welcom back ciph.

  2. Yo if either of those muhfuckas slipped and fell, it woulda been your ASS, Ciph. Glad u made it back in one piece.

  3. whut up ciph, i was wondering what the name of the website you were talking about with the old school mixtapes on the last podcast? Welcome back, welcome back, welllcoomee baaaaaaccccckkkkkk……….

  4. Obama needs Khaled as his hypeman.

  5. Khaled need an award for the Hypeman of the year !
    I Love Turtles Iz Da Movement

  6. Damn Khaled is crazy — greetings from Antwerp, Belgium

  7. more fire

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