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blackberry bold

Yo, we’re trying to get a hold of the new Blackberry 9000 series, aka, the Blackberry “Bold”. We figured that somewhere out there one of you guys has got a guy that’s got a guy that could get some of these off the back of a truck and send them our way. We’ve got a trillion dollar check waiting for whom ever can deliver. We were mad hyped when the “Curve” came out but our fat fingers had a hard time hitting the small keys, so we’ve been holding out until the next best thing arrived. Well here is it…

- Farragut Foster

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  1. FIRST!



  2. FIRST!



  4. Corryv chill with the FIRST comments. It Makes you seem like a really internet fassiole. just write a normal comment no need to put first there yah get me

  5. >> but our fat fingers had a hard time hitting the small keys

    story of my life

  6. Also, the Blackberry 9500 “Thunder” is coming out on Verizon. Touch screen. I really hate being on T-Mobile when I’m due for a new Crackberry. My 8700 seems so outdated, but still does its job.

  7. @ yaggy yo : first off anyone checking a blog is a internet fasy hole or whatever that means. Secondly, when your posting from work does that still make you a fassy hole? I would imagine it would make it you cooler since your slacking on your job. yadah mean

    I like turtles.

  8. @ Matt: yeah man, I’ve been a long time t-mobile supporter but the way they get abused by the cell phone makers is starting to effect our relationship. Verizon already has better coverage here in New York and after Verizon and At&t start transmitting over the TV rabbit ear signals it’s only gonna get better. I got the HotSpot at home ish… but.. lets just say they’ve got bugs to fix.

    You can read more about the the rabbit ear stuff here:

  9. @ farragutfoster: I’m saying! I can’t count how many times people tell me they call me and it tells them they can’t reach the subscriber. I call T-Mo and usually get some money off my next bill by exaggerating my business (“My call with Sean Connery got cut off thanks to your shitty company!”). It’s funny, a Wall St. Journal article said the HotSpot at home was pretty good. Guess someone got some payola. I got a good plan w/ T-Mo since I’ve been with them before Zeta-Jones even was apart of their company. Props on the link emoticon.

  10. @ matt: illchay itway the ayolapay alktay. thank u and ur welcome. turtle power.

  11. I noticed that noone here mentioned sprint ?, in additon to that what about the treo?? thats what i’m rockin and have been thinking about grabing a berry but ?? i do love the treo though 755p

  12. damn son… ur still messing with a Treo… sh*t. What’s that new phrase the kids are saying now… oh yeah that’s it –


  13. @ farragutfoster: The homie Spitzer is no longer attorney general or governor. You’ve got nothing to worry about in regards to ayolapay. Of course, Linda Tripp might be a special guest on next week’s episode of Juan Epstein or Cipha Sounds Fx, so be careful.

  14. @ ciphasounds :checking a blog is cool..writing comments in a blog is cool.. but just writing “first” annoys the fuck out of me. i dont know why…also slacking on your job isnt cool. finding a job you enjoy is way cooler

  15. All of the BlackBerry Bold’s that are actually out in the street have deactivated PIN’s.

    Which basically means you can pop your sim card in it and use it for phone calls and even text messages but you won’t be able to get your emails or access the BlackBerry web browser.

  16. ciph! wzup. the vids on youtube are the best joints i’ve ever seen. you and ricky rawrse was hilarious. that man was muttering at the end of the clip and he still made sense. that’s a boss.

    you CAN GET THIS JOINT. my man has it. his e-mail and shit is all on it too. i blogged about it about a month back. he scooped it off ebay. if you check google you can also scoop them, in great working condition and all that, but they go for around 899. oh boy. can you fade it!? probably. but still.

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