Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


i’m getting ready for the summer peoples… here’s a warmup for memorial day weekend and summer jam.



- Cipha Sounds

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22 Responses to “MORE FIRE FOR THE GRILL”

  1. thanks Ciph!!!! I love ur mixes.

  2. what happened to sendspace?

  3. i like turtles

  4. Ciph! Son, you got to keep putting out your work man…I had to move to the west coast and you are on of the few connections I have to the east coast style of music, the way the songs are mixed together, talk etc….keep droppin em son…I cant fuck with X-bar in the BX anymore so I need you to post them joints here homey……LEEEETTSSSS DOOOO IIIITTTTTT

  5. Good Looks Cipha!!

    I love your mixes

    (try zshare next time its faster and u can listen to the file before u DL)

  6. Good looking out on the mixes Cipha. Pt2 was sounding like some baltimore club music minus the spanish parts.

  7. yo juan-n-only keep puttin that up that fiya shit, the last shit help me down at work n at the gym, shit i even played it at my cuz’ cook out, good lookn out keep it up

  8. Keep doin’ your thing cipha..I’ve watched you grow from the beginnning until right now..The mixes are getting better with time..

    Tha Mixtape Librarian

  9. ciph
    you ever see turtles tappin

  10. Good lookin out Ciph, UK got made love for you son

  11. @ illmatic602: Thanks my brother. I fuck with the UK . I’m trying to go out there this year.

  12. @ Tapemasta: Thanks partner, I appreciate that. When I mix on the radio, its all about the vibe. Sometimes it might not be a perfect blend but the energy is right. I try to create a fun experience when you listen.

  13. @Chauncell: Thanks C, I love uptempo shit. I try to get that energy when I mix. I also try to play a lot of different things. I don’t want to just be one type of dj.

  14. @ The Wall : Thanks man, I appreciate that. I’m realizing that everyone likes different ways to download. The problem I had with zshare was that links expire after awhile. I like that you can listen also, but I don’t want hem to expire.

  15. @ mixtapemasta: Dam son, at the cook out?? Thats that real “more fire”.. Thanks brother.

  16. @ alboogie7 : X bar!!!! that was my shit, good ghetto vibes. Why did you have to move to the west coast?

  17. sounds good! what’s the “love is gone” remix called?? i neeed that!!

  18. Ciph this is that shit Ive been missing. My new S550 is now complete with this cranking out my speakers

  19. ciph – man . . . you gotta start using rapidshare. killing me wit them waiting time.

  20. just listened to this at work! loved it! and loved the “i love turtles” moment in there!!

  21. @ciph! I got married man and got a job that I couldnt pass up…Ciph, I need some more of your mixes man..those more fire mixes keep in me in touch with the east man..drop some more of them gems…keep doing your thang man…

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