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Mos Def

FYI – Mos Def likes turtles so therefore we fux with Mos Def. Here’s some classic mos material ciph dug up for you from his heavy backpacker days. (it’s megauploaded… so you win fukkers.)



After downloading those peep this classic video of ciph dj-ing for Blackstar… wow… hip hop nerd till the death of ‘em (sidebar – Blackstar album changed my life).

- Farragut Foster

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14 Responses to “CLASSIC MOS DEF”

  1. first ya bitch bastids!



  3. You should get homie for the Don’t Get Gassed Comedy shit. You knew he was a student of stand-up when he was referencing both of Eddie Murphy’s stand-ups on Universal Magnetic. “You could speak Japanese or Goonie-Goo-Goo.”

  4. lol for these type shits you should zshare it. dont matter if it expires. if they late they lose.

    good looks on these tho, ty.

  5. where was that show? quest on drums?

    you dj all they shows? i’ve been lucky enough to see black star a few times.


  6. What’s up with mega upload. directs me to the site but i can’t download.

  7. Love the post man…need more old ish u can dig up…off topic but that throw back at noon u did was crazzy…wish u could post more podcasts from that, mista cee dont do it like that? im in canada man starving for some of these hot97 shows i cant here…

  8. @ sha p : Yo, I got so much stuff coming, don’t you worry. Its different from mister cee cause he does it everyday. When I get to do it, I’m trying to murder it. I think Cee kills it on the regular tho. I got Canada’s back…

  9. @ universole : That show was at the Knitting Factory. It was a fundraiser for Mos and Kweli’s book store they had at the time. We did 2 nights at that spot. There were a lot of surprise guest. I will try to get some more footage. I used to DJ for Mos all the time but I started getting more radio time so i had to go down that road.

  10. Tru u did kill it…im a big ol skool hiphop head i just wish there was a way to listen to his show on the regular lol to bad he not into podcasting lol

  11. >> (sidebar – Blackstar album changed my life).

    same my dude… Astronomy (8th Light), Definition, RE: DEFinition, Children’s Story, Brown Skin Lady, Hater Players, Respiration, Thieves in the Night

    and those are just the songs that I know by heart. Thieves In The Night just completely changed shit for me. and I heard you playing the beginning of Respiration in that Soundclash with Rosenberg… that, and Brown Skin Lady are just songs I have to listen to completely, like I have a hard time hitting skip

  12. >> (sidebar – Blackstar album changed my life).

    ^ something I’d like to hear on Juan Ep.

    speak on it God, what’s today’s math-matics

  13. […] spotted these two Gems over at Ciphas Blog today. Even though I heard these verses before I gotta say this: Mos Def is Top 10 dead or alive no […]

  14. what’s with the mega upload? directs me to the site but i cant download , how can i get tha mos def?

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