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“JUAN EPSTEIN” 4-27-08


weird science pic


Here is the latest “Juan Epstein” podcast with myself and Peter Rosenberg.  Thanks to everyone spreading the word of “Juan Epstein”… Who wouldnt like a Puerto Rican and a Jew talking crap all day?  This one gets into the problems me and Rosenberg have with each other… pretty funny.  Plus one of my most favorite  clips of all time from  “Weird Science” the movie. Long live “Juan Epstein”

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26 Responses to ““JUAN EPSTEIN” 4-27-08”

  1. where da link cypha?

  2. i like turtles

  3. for the record, i check both yours and paul’s site.



  6. make him humble


  8. Ciph,
    Keep up the good work with the blog … your ish is already better then 95% of the blogs out there with the tracks and the mixes. Don’t tell Rosenberg but I check your shit for updates more then his.

  9. Awesome episode, definitly one of the best to date, along with the show with the bpm talk.

  10. i like turtles

  11. yo, i appreciate yall mother suckers even checking this blog. it took me awhile to figure it out. but now that i do it, its getting addictive… im always looking for shit to put up. its gonna get better and better. and always remember…. i like turtles for life

  12. yo ciph, if u got any video footage from the tunnel you should definitely post that ish up. listening to you on westwoods show back in the late 90’s i could only imagine what it was like.

  13. as-sallamu alaikum ciph keep up the good work homie i put on like half of chicago to you guys, yall got crazy fans now in the 312 and the 773


  14. shit the last comment had me as “che” sorry for the typo, now my shit is correct — ch-ch-ch-cheeeeeeeeeeuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. ciph, thanks for putting this up. this episode and the last have been the besssssssssssss.

    i got someone in my life who is ALWAYS late. to everything. funerals, weddings, sunday lunch, everything. it’s gotten to the point where we’ll tell her that things are on at 2pm, when they’re actually at 4pm – because we know she’ll be on time. it’s ridiculous and i feel your pain. the worst thing about late people is that if it’s someone who you’re affiliated with (ie – paul rosenberg and yourself) then that’s you. it reflects on you. i haaaaaaaaaaaate it.

    sympathy bro.

  16. hey cipha…you shouldnt be hard on rosenberg in regards to the juan epstein podcast….

    you guys create a show without even knowing it….this is what juan epstien is:

    – you guys vent over things that went on in the week and whats pissing you off

    – chick issues

    – hip hop

    – jokes

    – youtube videos

    – i like turles

    – porn

    -etc etc

    its basically useless shit…and useless shits the best because yoou dont have that gay segway professionalism shit….this shows kinda like a out of character type of show..where someone can fart out of nowhere and then get into discussing the different types of farts deriving from diffferent fast food meals and the aroma each produces….

    yes …its just guys talk…about chicks, life whatever…dudes being dudes….

    so cut peter some slack…you guys have alot of chemistry beleive it or not lol….do all the planning footnote crap on air on hot 97 but on juan ep…do whatever the fuck u want…because people like it! trust me…

    i personally dont listen to rosenbergs hot 97 show because i dont listen to radio for music…i can download music and listen to whatever i want on my own…nor do i listen to your shade 45 show unless your interviewing someone…….radio should be 100% talk radio from now…because music is all about preference now and people just listen to there ipods and whatever playlists they like…

    i listen to yall while im trying to sleep and need some light radio on to keep me from thinking cause i usually think alot before i sleep therfor cant fall asleep and shows like juan epstein help me fall asleep due to it being so entertaining and i just pick up the rest of the show when i wake up ….its great show for real guys…dont stop it…i like the fact that you guys do a little exlusive podcasts for your loyal supporters…

    much thanks and many more…i honestly would listen to a 6 hour show..its a great podcast…i also go back to listen to the older espisodes aswell….much respect to you and peter

  17. Turtles is my shit. Ciph is that dude

  18. […] PR: if I could explain this show, I would. I swear I would. Just listen: Episode 16. Or get it from Ciph. Either way leave them a comment or write them an e-mail telling them how much you like their […]

  19. ciph, you and pmd need to commit to 2 things: 1) you upping your internet game and 2) pete showing up with a new prep style. and thanks for the dropping that weird science scene. ” the family jewels?”

  20. He don’t even have a LICENSE LISA!…hahah….classic shit bro….I’m workin on some DC gigs for you and PR….I’ll be in touch soon

  21. ill blog, B. add me to the blogroll.


  22. You guys inspire me to get laid…like right now. Just for shits and giggles….Peter looks like an overweight Joe Rogan….

  23. My bad, Paul.

  24. Wow!!! Good job. Could I take some of yours triks to build my own site?

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