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E-40 & LIL JON

If you know anything about me, you know I love west coast hip hop. I heard this new E-40 song on my show on SHADE 45 and I haven’t heard it anywhere else so I decided to put it up. It has that bay area energy to it and of course LIL JON gets it crazy… here ya go


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10 Responses to “HYPHY CIPHY WITH NEW E-40”

  1. i like turtles

  2. good lookin on the blog once again!

  3. p.s. where’s that nore mixtape? dying to hear it!

  4. yea whats up with the nore mixtape.

  5. I like how your steppin up your blog game ciph

  6. Man i need that NORE mixtape. you got the streets fiending!

  7. Dam, that NORE mixtape is on fire. its up now. Im new to this blog shit, so gimme sometime. I got some crazy shit I wanna put up. I gotta go dig thru the basement.

  8. looking forward to it ciph. take your time, we’ll be here fieinding, always. that’s what we do.

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