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Star Date 3-21-08: likwit and only when im drunk ….(but i dont drink)

March 21, 2008

I appreciate the love guys. Here’s some more good stuff for you… Aint no party like an alkaholik party cause an alkaholik party dont stop….. yo, here is another classic dj 12 inch that has been hard for me to find, so i had to digitize myself. one of my favorite records with all versions…. […]

Star Date 3-13-08: Hip Hop Junkies for Hip Hop Junkies

March 13, 2008

What up hip hop junkies, whats really good?? I have been meaning to post up some 12 inch records lately, but since I dont keep my record collection where I live, its been a little difficult. I know you can find almost any song you want on the web but as a dj, I am […]

Andressa Soares!!

March 4, 2008

Star Date 3-4-08: Who Cares What They’re Saying I was at Hot97 the other day and my boy DJ Juanyto stumbled upon this video clip and I haven’t been able to stop watching it since. I’m more of a breast man myself but that huge ass and thick legs can’t go without mention. After I […]


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