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Star Date 2-11-08: Harden the F*ck Up!!

My homeboy and production partner Solitair (BigUps to the Black Jays!!) sent me this funny ass clip. Check it out!!

’08 is gonna be crazy yo…niggas gotta learn to harden the f*ck up!!

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One Response to “HARDEN THE F*CK UP!”

  1. yo ciph! you gotta check out the ‘chopper’ movie with eric bana in it ( ). probably the best australian movie ever made. full of dark australian humour. chopper is a real person, our most famous criminal, and for some reason, he’s practically a national hero here. i dont know why. we must be pretty fucking twisted to idolise a guy who spent just 13 months out of prison from the age of 20-40. everyone here calls him ‘uncle chop chop’.

    and i think it really speaks a lot about our level of sophistication to know that he was, at one point, the greatest selling author here of all time. hahaha awesome. now he does stand-up around the country. and he even released a rap cd ( / ). at one point he was even writing childrens books. oh, and his nickname is ‘chopper’ because in prison he chopped both of his ears off so he’d be sent to hospital and could get some visitors. haha

    harden the fuck up!

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