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Star Date 1-30-08: Hello my name is Cipha and i am here…. lol

A couple of days ago my boy Drewski “the knockout kid” told me about a record that I should be playing. He said it was called ” she’s like a star” by guy who’s name we could not pronounce…hhaaaa. tayo or toao or toyo cruz. Whatever, the song was hot and I said i would play it. I heard of him before because he is signed to the same wack label that nina sky was signed to. So I played it on hot 97 last saturday and phone lines lit up…. listen to the song and tell me what you think…


Click here to listen to the track.

So apparently you loyal listeners and fans hit up mr cruz and told him I was going in on his record. Yesterday he hit me up thanking me and saying he appreciated the play on hot 97…. I then replied “thank you making making something worth playing.” I went and did some research and see this guy is super talented. Im definately a fan now. Hes from London, so lets do what we have to do to blow this guy up in the great united states of ours…

by the way: his name is Taio Cruz (pronounced Tie -oh – Cruise) dont mess it up.

Check out his myspace page.

peace.. to the gods and the earths.

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  1. yo ciph, i’m from jersey city and now im in london, but these kids BEEN bumpin taio cruz. you should start playin this dudes music in the states. kid is big out in the uk, he deserves to be gettin some notice back home, at least in nyc first. and you also need to start spinnin at some of these clubs in London. start earnin them Pounds and not no fkin dollar$.

    keep up the good work. juan epstein is the fuckin shit.

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