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STAR DATE 1-29-08:

Wuuusssuuupp……wwwwuuuuusssuuuuuupppp….. Check out my boy Pitbull over in Trinidad for the annual Carnival festivities. I was supposed to go out there this year but as you know, I have too many jobs and coordinating days off is a bitch. Check out this video of the shit we missed (unless you were actually there…)

Pitbull is probably one of my favorite artist. He makes dope records, tears any stage down, and knows how to handle all of his business hat has to do with this game. On top of that, his team is crazy and his work ethic is sick. He is stuck on a wack label and any artist would have given up a long time ago. This guy just keep trucking and dosnt stop for anything. You gotta respect his hustle. Here he is in trinidad performing with Machel Montano in front od 50,000 people. enjoy….

Trust me this guy is just getting started.


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  1. word up on the pitbull post. great club music and like you said we gotta respect his grind. and if you a dj like us, you know gotta throw on that pitbull to get the mamis on the floor. elevate your game.

  2. Shit you know how that goes… thats what i always say to guys in the club. “even if you dont like pitbull….get behind a spanish chic and u will see why u have to like pitbull.”

  3. fock that

  4. Uncommon music, but most of the photos are magnificient…

  5. Aww Fantastic post, I have three Spaniels and six Westies, there so much fun.

  6. pitbull in trinidad is awsome who would think he’d come here

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